Canadian artist collective Team Macho, comprised of members Nicholas Aoki, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Christopher Buchan, and Lauchie Reid join together to create wildly playful and humorously crude works that range from rough illustration to polished paintings.

Each artwork bears the contributions, in a sense, from multiple members of Team Macho. Designed to subvert any sense of singular authorship, their production is a collaborative form of process art by which an individual paints a portrait or scene informed by elements from his compatriots’ portfolios. The result is an endless reinterpretation of each other’s point of view. The visual components of each work, however thematic or peripheral, become a pleasant surprise to both viewer and creator. The unspoken element that is conversely integral to Team Macho’s process is their piecemeal approach to collaboration; every member has contributed to each work even if someone’s hand never touches the actual work. 

Team Macho’s recent work includes solo exhibitions with Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto; installations at The Art Gallery of Ontario; inclusion in the Painting Project, a survey of Contemporary Canadian painting at the Galerie I'UQAM in Montreal; and exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, and Amsterdam.


Past Exhibitions at Gitler &_____

Selected Artworks


4 Bros., 2016
Alkyd on Hardboard
16 x 20 in.


A Drake's Progress
Alkyd on Hardboard
24 x 18 in.


A Licky Licky Licky
Graphite and Gouache on Paper
12 x 9 1/2 in.


Bus Stop
Gouache on Paper
12 x 9 in.


Cat Ballet
Alkyd on Hardboard
14 x 11 in.


Cool Pals
Acrylic on Paper
10 x 9 in.


Deal With It
Watercolor on Paper
12 3/8 x 9 in.


Decisions, Decisions [private collection New Jersey, USA]
Watercolor on Paper
12 x 10 in.


Double Ducks
Graphite on Paper
10 1/8 x 7 1/8 in.


Fresh Dome [private collection Los Angeles, California]
Acrylic on Hardboard
14 x 11 in.


Having an "OK" Time [corporate collection Toronto, Canada]
Watercolor on Paper
11 1/2 x 9 in.


I Miss You, Ernie
Watercolor and Ink on Paper
14 x 10 in.


I'm Out [corporate collection Toronto, Canada]
Watercolor and Gouache on Paper
12 3/8 x 9 in.


Knight [private collection Los Angeles, California]
Watercolor and Ink on Paper
12 1/8 x 8 3/4 in.


Acrylic on Paper
12 x 10 in.


Gouache on Paper
10 x 8 in.


Mixed Media on Paper
12 1/8 x 8 3/4 in.


Gouache on Paper
11 x 7 1/2 in.


Mondays [private collection Toronto, Canada]
Watercolor on Paper
12 3/8 x 9 in.


Naked in Front of the Computer
Gouache on Paper
10 3/8 x 7 3/8 in.


New Work, New Jerseys
Mixed Media on Paper
14 x 10 in.


No Story Tonight. Daddy on Fire
Colored Pencil on Paper
9 1/4 x 6 1/4 in.