Current Exhibition

Your New York

Collection Dates: Regular gallery hours from 12/10 - 12/18 (and through the exhibition)
Opening event : Tuesday 12/18, 6pm - 10pm
Closing Karaoke event hosted by Team Macho : Thursday 12/27, 6pm - 10pm


Things come and things go. Sometimes this seems more rampant in New York, but change is constant everywhere. As we approach our 60th exhibition, that change has come for us with the impending expiration of our lease. For the final show in our current space - YOUR NY - we invite our friends, old and new, artists and not, to contribute a tangible object which speaks of their relationship to NYC. It can be an art object you made, or something you have lying around the house, like an old concert ticket, a photograph, anything other people might deem interesting.

To give an example, I will contribute to the exhibition the empty picture frame, which has sat on the toilet tank of our bathroom for the last 3 or so years. I picked it up from a pile of unwanted used frames at my frame-shop. When i inspected it, I discovered a signature on the back: Lee Krasner, the monumental American abstract expressionist. What a wonderful New York moment that was. [continues below]


If the art object is for sale, it will be pay what you wish.

The maximum size for any piece will be 20 x 20 inches, and it should be something which can be affixed to a wall.

All are welcome to contribute one item, and we encourage you to forward this invite to a few interesting friends to increase participation.

For each entry, we will require that you fill in the information about your object on this g drive spreadsheet.

We hope to fill the room with hundreds of contributions.

An important note: items can be collected on the 27th during our closing event, but we will not be making a concerted effort to return any of these objects, so please nothing so sentimental that you must have it back. 

Items can be brought to the gallery during gallery hours, and as pieces are delivered, they will be hung on the wall. We will start to hang today, and will continue to hang throughout the exhibition (and during events), space permitting.