Nicolas Holiber (b.1985) lives and works in Brooklyn. He completed his MFA at the NYAA in 2012. Recent projects include Head of Goliath, a site-specific commission for NYC Parks Dept, as well as multiple private and public commissions. 

The artist’s nontraditional figurative reliefs are composed of found wood (sourced from the ubiquitous shipping pallets that dot the city streets), miscellaneous urban detritus, oil and acrylic, constructed in a fashion that celebrates the medium’s imperfections. Holiber’s process suggests a flâneur-cum-carpenter. And yet, inspiration is not found in the materials themselves but in the dual, and conceivably never-ending act of deconstruction and reconstruction (and deconstruction and so forth). Holiber’s intent is to lend meaning and subject matter to disparate objects that previously had neither. At its core, Holiber’s work is discovery by process, something that applies equally to the medium itself and the subjects at which Holiber ultimately arrives. His mind’s eye commences stretching into three dimensions, shattered edges, splinters and all, until chaos yields to something more concrete.    

In 2019, Holiber will present his Audubon Sculpture Project, a series of 12 large scale bird sculptures - all built from reclaimed wood - which will be displayed along the Broadway corridor for seven months. The project is NYC Parks Dept. approved, and is being presented by the Gitler &_____ gallery, the Broadway Mall Assn. and the NYC Audubon Society.


Past Exhibitions at Gitler &_____

Selected Artworks


Still Life with Dog, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
34 x 36 x 5 in. 


Still Life with Dead Tree, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
40 x 37 x 6 in.


Still Life with Dying Flowers, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
36 x 41 x 6 in.


Memento Mori IV, 2016 [private collection NY, NY]
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
22 x 18 x 6 in.

Memento Mori III, 2016 [private collection NY, NY] 
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
20 x 19 x 4 in.

Memento Mori I, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
18 x 20 x 4 in.

Memento Mori II, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
21 x 17 x 5 in.


Youth with Dog, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
44 x 32 x 10 in. 


Nude with Vase, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
38 x 31 x 8 in.

Oracle, 2016
Wood, Screws, Acrylic, Oil
31 x 26 x 7 in.